PDP’s demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Seoul ‘FREE PALESTINE!’

[PDP’s demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Seoul ‘FREE PALESTINE!’]
The People’s Democracy Party (PDP)
The World Anti-imperialist Platform
October 9, 2023
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The World Anti-imperialist Platform
The People’s Democracy Party (PDP)

《PDP’s demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Seoul ‘FREE PALESTINE!’》

The People’s Democracy Party (PDP) held a demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea to condemn the U.S. aggression, calling for Free Palestine. The rally was organized by the World Anti-imperialist Platform and South Korean Office of the WFTU.

Party members held up a banner with the slogan “FREE PALESTINE” and chanted slogans “Condemn the US imperialist aggression!”, “Support the liberation of Palestine!”, and “End the US aggression!”.

The following is the full text of the statement.

[Spokesperson Report 535]

We condemn the US imperialist aggression! Free Palestine!

The clash between Hamas and Israel is escalating to all-out war. In the early morning of July 7, Hamas fired thousands of rockets into Israel and its militants infiltrated, reportedly capturing dozens of Israeli soldiers and a number of civilians. In the statement, the Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif said, “Today is the great day to end the occupation. We have decided to put an end to all of the occupation’s crimes. The time is over for them (Israel) to act without accountability,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that “we are embarking on a long and difficult war,” and that “we have begun the offensive, which will continue with neither limitations nor respite until the objectives are achieved.”

Hamas’s armed offensive is fundamentally aimed at freedom and liberation of Palestine. Israel has launched an extensive invasion of Gaza since 2000 to eliminate Hamas, the armed force for Palestinian liberation. Israeli massive air raids in 2008, 2012, and 2014 are just a few examples. More recently, in May 2021, Israel’s violent suppression of Palestinian protesters led to the “11-day war,” in which 242 lives were lost in Gaza, and in 2022, Israel indiscriminately struck Gaza day after day. Israel is also responsible for the routinized pain of the Palestinian people. By blockading all land and sea to Gaza, Israel has turned Gaza into the world’s largest prison. Only when Palestine is liberated can the regional conflict be fundamentally resolved.

The cause of the war is the US imperialist aggression. As soon as the conflict broke out, the US ‘president’ Biden did not hesitate to make most hostile remarks towards Palestine ‘The US stands with Israel’, ‘military to military, intelligence to intelligence, diplomat to diplomatㅡto make sure Israel has what it needs.’ The US and Israel are one body and it is public knowledge in the whole world that the US aggression forces are behind the indiscriminate bombing and aggression of the Palestinians all time. The founding of Israel itself is the result of rob territory by the US and British imperialist after World War II, and the US puts Israel first to invade the Middle East in order to have its hegemony. It’s an undeniable fact that Palestine people are the biggest victims of the US aggressors.

The imperialist powers led by the United States have turned the world into a powder keg of war. The aggressive US imperialist is simultaneously carrying out invasion against anti-US independent states and forces, using Israeli Zionism in the Middle East, NATO in Europe, and Japanese militarism in Asia. In the Middle East, the US aggressors put Israeli Zionists up to murdering the Palestinian people while in Europe, they have been encouraging NATO to expand eastward and trigger war in Ukraine by massacring the Russian people in Ukraine. In East Asia, they are establishing an “Asian version of NATO”, strengthening the war alliance against North Korea and plotting a war in East Asia. Including Iran and Lebanon, Anti-US armed forces’ support for Hamas shows the deeper imperialist aggression becomes, the stronger a unity of anti-US independent forces become. The Palestinian people, who seek independence and justice, will defeat the aggressive US imperialist and win their liberation.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

October 9, 2023

In front of the US Embassy in Seoul

People’s Democracy Party
주인으로 삽시다 !
우리 스스로와 사랑하는 후세대를 위하여 !
사람(人) 민족 조국을 위하여 !!

《조로공동선언 : 2000년 7월 19일 평양》
반제자주 다극세계 창설 - 공정하고 합리적인 국제질서 수립

>> 조선 땅을 점령함 : 점령자(침략자) 미제국 맥아더 포고령

>> 한국인 마루타 : 주한미군 세균전 실체

>> 강제 백신(예방) 접종 : 강제 인구감축 대량학살 무기

>> 끊임없이 전쟁을 부추기는 피아트 머니 - 사기.착취.략탈.강탈 도구

>> 현금금지(캐시리스) 전자화폐(CBDC 씨비디씨) 특별인출권(에스디알)

>> 미국 달러 몰락, IMF SDR 특별인출권 국제기축통화 부상과 금

>> 딮 스테이트 : 그레이트리셋, 유엔 아젠다 2030, 2021, SDG 17, 아이디 2020, 4차산업혁명, 세계경제포럼, 세계화, 신세계질서, 세계단일정부, 세계재편

민족자주 승리에 대한 굳건한 믿음으로, 한미동맹파기! 미군철거!!

주권主權을 제 손에 틀어쥐고, 주인主人으로서 당당하고 재미나게 사는 땅을 만들어, 우리 후세대에게 물려줍시다.