Illegal and Fraudulent Document Fabricated by Japanese Imperialists: Minju Joson - 20230829

[Illegal and Fraudulent Document Fabricated by Japanese Imperialists: Minju Joson]
Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)
Juche112(2023). 8. 29.

《Illegal and Fraudulent Document Fabricated by Japanese Imperialists: Minju Joson》

Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) -- Minju Joson Tuesday in an article says that in the past the Japanese imperialists seized the diplomatic right and the right of home administration of Korea by fabricating the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty", "Jongmi Seven-point Treaty" and others one after another, but not content with this, they made desperate efforts to completely wipe out Korea as a state entity on the earth.

The "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" is a completely illegal and fraudulent document the Japanese imperialists unilaterally fabricated and published to the world, the article says, adding:

It was proven that Korean and Japanese versions of the "treaty" were written in a single style of writing. This clearly shows that the Residency-General took the lead in fabricating the "treaty" and its related documents under the instructions of the Japanese imperialist rulers and the feudal government of Korea was never involved in drawing up the "treaty".

The absence of Emperor Sunjong's signature, in the royal mandate document promulgated on August 29 to announce the "annexation", goes to clearly prove that the "treaty" was illegal and invalid.

The most important condition for validity of a treaty is to get endorsement from a state ruler. But, the royal mandate document had no signature of the emperor, except mark of the emperor's seal.

This fact also proves that Emperor Sunjong did not sign the royal mandate document to oppose the "annexation" of Korea by the Japanese imperialists.

All the facts clearly show that the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty", cooked up by the Japanese imperialists, was a hideous state terrorism based on means of threats, blackmail and high-handedness and a fraud document without elementary appearance as an international treaty.

The Korean people will surely settle accounts with the Japanese imperialists for their heinous crimes. -0- (Juche112.8.29.)
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